Our online school is a platform for studying World Music.

Here you will find professional lessons for many kinds of ethnic instruments from around the world. Our teachers are professionals with a lot of knowledge about playing these instruments and understanding the music. You can learn to play remotely from your home as often as you want and at times that are comfortable for you.

World Music has very rich nuances. You will be able to learn everything you need to become a professional player.

Most World Music, such s a Middle Eastern maqam or Indian raga, is modal with scales that are different from the basic major and minor keys. There are ancient ways to feel and play the music. You are going to learn them and feel them.

Our instructors will teach you the traditional way to play every instrument and its traditional sounds and melodies. The lessons have a video format with a media player that enables you to make a loop of very short phrases and lets you reduce the video speed to a rate as slow as 1/4th actual speed. These are amazing new features that make it very easy to study. The video format has many more user-friendly features that you will discover when using our site.

Is it possible to learn from scratch? Yes, of course you can. We provide everything that is needed for that. Every teacher posts a video that contains all of the technical knowledge that is needed. Is it possible to study at an advanced level? Yes, of course you can. Our teachers are professionals.

What about the price? The price is much lower than studying one-on-one. You will get access to all of the content for the instrument of your choice. The monthly subscription can be canceled at any time.

Use these links to find online shops where you can buy the instruments you want to play.

If you have any questions, use the contact page to ask us.

Welcome to our online school and have a successful and enjoyable educational experience.


Ariel Ragimov, kemenche player and teacher.