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Dastgah nava (radif Mirza abdulah)

Nava scale is like a natural minor with a koron at the 6th note

Lessons inside:

Daromad nava

Dastgah mahur (radif mirza abdulah)

Dastgah of mahur is a collection of traditional motifs of Persian classical music Mahur is mostly a major scale but has some changes on the way

Lessons inside:

Daromad mahur

Kereshme mahur

Advanced songs

This coarse is for advanced level classical eastern maqam songs

Lessons inside:

Pish daromad dashti

Pish daromad Isfahan (morteza nei daud)

Simple songs

Lessons inside:

Reng bayat e Shiraz

Chahar pareh mahur

Gol e gandom (dashti-shur)

Chahar mizrab nava

Samai shams (shur)


Lessons inside:

Scale of mahur

Nava scale

Scale of shur

Scale bayat e Shiraz/Esfahan

Shushtari/humayun scale

Scale of chahargah

Segah scale


This is the most important part here we learn how to play the kamanche

Lessons inside:

Left hand

The bow