Ariel Ragimov

Born in Georgia. A student of Mark Eliyahu, Peretz Eliyahu & Sayid Mani.
Graduated Academic studies , specialises in Persian music, Azeri music & Eastern Maqam.
Teaches Kamanche since 2010 in the Academy ’East Music Centre’ in Jerusalem.
Ariel taught many students who have since become some of the best Kamanche players.
Ariel has lots of teaching experience & has developed special teaching methods & techniques to pass the knowledge correctly to the students.

My Courses:


This is the most important part here we learn how to play the kamanche

Lessons inside:

Left hand

The bow


Lessons inside:

Scale of mahur

Nava scale

Scale of shur

Scale bayat e Shiraz/Esfahan

Shushtari/humayun scale

Scale of chahargah

Segah scale

Simple songs

Lessons inside:

Reng bayat e Shiraz

Chahar pareh mahur

Gol e gandom (dashti-shur)

Chahar mizrab nava

Samai shams (shur)

Advanced songs

This coarse is for advanced level classical eastern maqam songs

Lessons inside:

Pish daromad dashti

Pish daromad Isfahan (morteza nei daud)

Dastgah mahur (radif mirza abdulah)

Dastgah of mahur is a collection of traditional motifs of Persian classical music Mahur is mostly a major scale but has some changes on the way

Lessons inside:

Daromad mahur

Kereshme mahur

Dastgah nava (radif Mirza abdulah)

Nava scale is like a natural minor with a koron at the 6th note

Lessons inside:

Daromad nava